W-ENER. Session 12

Tuesday September 8th, 2020

The CTCE is pleased to invite you to the next special session of the W-ENER for September 29 at 9:30 a.m. Chilean time, by Maria Soledad Valdebenito

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The talk will be in Spanish and will be entitled “Sustainability as a Base for Successful Entrepreneurship”

We leave you the synopsis and biography of the panelists.

Synopsis: I will describe the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), I will explain where they are born, what they are focused on, their impact, how to incorporate them into business management and the importance of an enterprise being born with the SDGs incorporated as the basis of its management and purpose. I will give way to the panelists who are entrepreneurs who work with sustainability as a pillar of their businesses, have achieved great achievements and lead their companies to success. Carolina will tell about what her company consists of, how it was born, her motivation to create it, the way in which she applies sustainability in internal operations, the value she transfers to her clients and the environmental and social impact. Alejandro will refer, like Carolina, to his company, purpose and the help he provides to make his ventures visible.

Maria Soledad Valdebenito


Meteorologist from the University of Valparaíso, Master in Environment from the University of Santiago de Chile and MBA from the University of Chile. His career has been developed in the mining, financial and service industries. She currently serves as Executive Director of the Climate Change Management consultancy, Trakun SpA. She is an active part of Mujeres B and the Network of Women Leaders of the Americas. Without a doubt, her most important job is being the proud mother of María Dominga.

Panelist Carolina Urrutia, Co-Founder Freemet

Panelist Alejandro Muñoz Vergara, Co-Founder Sustainable Community.


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