The activity was carried out in Building 8000 of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences, irt was organized by the Institute of Electricity and Electronics of the Austral University of Chile and counted with the presence of students and professors related to the area. Dr. Marco Rivera held this lecture, who is an Electronic Civil Engineer and Master of Science in Engineering with a mention in Electrical Engineering from the University of Concepción and a Doctorate in Electronic Engineering from the Electronic Engineering Department of the Federico Santa María Technical University. During the exhibition Dr. Rivera explained the details of the investigative process he has carried out along with a multi-disciplinary team of researchers from the University of Talca related to power electronics. The technique presented is an alternative to the classic ways of control for power converters, which stands out for its simplicity of implementation, for its concept or intuitiveness and for presenting a rapid dynamic response. This leader in Research was awarded in 2013 the Doctoral Thesis Prize of the Chilean Academy of Sciences 2012, awarded to the best doctoral thesis developed in 2011 for national and foreign students in any program of exact or natural sciences that is a member of the Chilean Academy of Sciences, Chile. Likewise, in 2015, the researcher received the AIE IEEE Outstanding Teacher Award 2015, granted by the Association of the Electrical and Electronic Industry and the International Institute of Engineers Electrical and Electronic – Chile Section.