Punta Arenas, May 19, 2019.

The Technological Center for Energy Conversion (CTCE) of the University of Talca and the Center for Energy Resources Studies (CERE) of the University of Magallanes, signed on May 19 through their respective rectors, Mr. Álvaro Manuel Rojas Marín and Don Juan Arcadio Oyarzo Pérez, a collaboration agreement whose objective is to favor the relationship between both centers and therefore between both universities, in the field of Conversion and Energy Resources.
Within the framework of this agreement, the following activities will be carried out: 1. Mobility of academics and / or researchers for teaching, internships and research activities of interest to both centers.
2. Exchange of memorists, thesis and joint management of pre and post degree thesis.
3. Exchange of students to take part of the curriculum in the other university (subject to approval of the academic direction of both universities).
4. Participation in ongoing research projects or development of future projects, as well as use of laboratories and equipment.
In the next instances we will be informing of the application processes for these same activities.