The Energy Conversion and Power Electronics Laboratory #LCEEP invites you to this interesting seminar 鈿♀殹 The exhibition will be in charge of Mat铆as Albornoz, Mechatronics Civil Engineering student #UTalca.

馃敻 Friday at 10 am.

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The development of high-efficiency plasma electrolysis, with the application of high-voltage pulses of extremely short duration to alkaline electrolysis, reveals the characteristics of a new type of mechanics in the decomposition of water. Pulses with duration in the nanosecond range are used in the study of the formation of the double layer at the electrode/electrolyte interface, corresponding to a capacitive effect dependent on the geometry of the electrolysis cell. Varying frequency, voltage, electrode separation and ionic density of the electrolyte, responses are shown in the system that involve the participation of a new type of capacitance in the process, chemical capacitance. This new parameter can guide future studies to understand the mechanics of water decomposition under voltage pulses of very short duration.

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